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LHEDP (Laser High Energy Density Physics) simulation


We are developing simulation codes ( (a) radiation-hydro code, (b) particle-fluid hybrid code, (c) relativistic electromagnetic particle code) and studying on various laser-produced high energy density phenomena (e.g., fast ignition laser fusion, laser acceleration, laser light source) using these developed codes.


Schematic view of DT fusion reaction


Core heating simulation in fast ignition


Nuclear fusion burn simulation


An example of fusion burn simulation for fast ignition laser fusion. Fusion burning is acheved by fast heating of the edge of a uniformly compressed DT fusion fuel. We are estimating reactor core plasma and heating condition reuqired for fusion reactor and improving the efficiency using kilo-Tesla-class magnetic field.

Supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 23K03360

ハイブリッドシミュレーションの一例。抵抗率の異なる物質境界に生じる抵抗性磁場を利用した高速電子ビームガイディング手法の確立。シミュレーションにより予測し、大型レーザー装置(大阪大学レーザー科学研究所 LFEXレーザー)を用いた実証実験を実施。​

An example of hybrid simulation. Establishment of fast electron beam guiding scheme using resistive magnetic field formed at the contact surface between materials with different resistivity. We predict the guiding performance by hybrid simulations, and then experimentally demonstrate it using one of the world's largest Petawatt laser "LFEX" (ILE, Osaka University).

T. Johzaki et al., "Dependence of resistivity gradient guiding of laser-driven relativistic electron beams on laser intensity and duration", Phys. Plasmas 29, 112707 (2022).

Supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 20H01886


An example of relativistic electro-magnetic particle simulation for laser electron acceleration under kilo-Tesla-class magnetic field. To aim the material effective heating, the converging magnetic field is used. The acceleretaed relativistic electrons are trapped by the magnetic field and focused to the a heating region. The upper panel shows the laser magnetic field, and the lower one shows the energy density of accelerated electron.

​研究成果1 抵抗静磁場による電子ビームガイディング

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