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Welcome to RGD lab.


  1. パルスデトネーション(PD)技術の研究とレーザー点火技術の研究

  2. レーザー核融合の核融合点火・燃焼などの高エネルギー密度科学のシミュレーション研究

  3. 産業から宇宙まで爆発現象に関する基礎研究

In our laboratory, we are conducting research on reactive gas dynamics such as detonation, hydrogen explosion, and ultra-high temperature fusion plasma. Currently, we are focusing on the following three themes.


  1. Researches on pulse detonation (PD) technology and laser ignition technology 

  2. Simulation research on high energy density physics such as laser fusion

  3. Fundamental research on explosion phenomena from industry to space 

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